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"This is the best money I've spent so far trying to attract qualified investors. I've attended several VC and Angel Investor events over the past year to attract investors and this site has attracted the most relevant and qualified investors so far. Thanks! ~ James Fitzgerald - ChainStar USA"
James Fitzgerald - ChainStar USA


Please consider letting us know about any positive experiences you had in using our platform. You could be featured along with our other success stories below. Thank you for using our service and we wish you all the best in the future.

"I made several great connections through your network. In fact, I was able to over fund my project. I also listed with another network that cost 3X as much and the leads were nowhere near as solid as the investors I met through this network. I will definitely only be using this network in the future. "

Jason A.
"I have been an investor for 2 years. Through this site I have managed to finance 4 projects. I am very pleased with my membership. "

Dave M.
"We have already had one investor for $25K, and another who is very involved in the food business, who could be a funder on a much larger level. So we are very pleased, and offer our thanks."

Bruce J.
"For those of you that are asking yourself whether this site is real, the answer is yes. My first thought was that I would put my proposal on the site and it would be sent for review, and at this point someone from within the Dealflow Investment Network office would contact me as an investor so I would be more likely to pay the $249 fee. I received 8 responses from investors overnight and 2 more since then. Thanks Dealflow Investment Network."

David Kriedeman - Chris Christopherson Inc
"This platform is the best I have come across. The response has been consistently superlative, in both quantity and quality. Thank you for everything! "

Anthony L.
"I'm very impressed with the level of professionalism of this network. I registered my request over three months now, and the response has been overwhelming; beyond my expectations. Although I have not closed any deals as yet, I'm still very hopeful. Keep up the good work!"

Verona Mustagal
"I wish to thank the Dealflow Investment Network for their splendid service on listing our project summary. Our entire fund raise was achieved within 5-months from China. Long flight, but well worth it. I am happy to give a recommendation."

James E. Mack
"I have been impressed with the level of contacts that I have yielded from your site. We certainly will be using the site again for capital raises for our projects. "

Aaron L.
"Thank you very much for the extra input with my Restaurant/Nightclub proposal. I already have a couple investors who are requesting more info, and that's less than 24hrs after submitting the proposal to you. I am very pleased."

Rodrick Agcaoili
"Joined, submitted, we're moving forward. Excellent site, thanks again... "

Steve Smith - EquipmentFX

Featured Proposals

25 Unit Mixed Use Shelby, Ohio

We have a 25 unit mixed use property under contract in Shelby, Ohio



New Product Launch

The product developed connects aluminum beverage cans together for simultaneous consumption. This product can be used to consume the beverages casually or can be used as a party accessory.



Seeking a Minority Investor in a High Growth Marketing Services Business

Low risk, high return from your investment in a group of companies serving the marketing and eCommerce industries. Professional management in place.



Natural Foods Store--Debt Reduction and Expansion Capital

We have 3 requirements: 1.Restructure existing debt. 2.Re-inventory our brick and mortar store. 3.Start an aggressive digital marketing campaign. All three of these need to be addressed in order for us to succeed



Allure Salon Group Across PA

Profitable Real Estate business of sub-leasing turnkey Salon Studio to Beauty Professionals alike. Allure needs funds to buildout Salon Suite Facilities throughout Pennsylvania.



Lizzy's Catering Place, LLC Investment Proposal

I have a start-up small business restaurant/catering (not yet operational). The business name is Lizzy's Family Farmstead, LLC dba Lizzy's Catering Place, LLC. I am the sole member and CEO of this company. I was employed