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"I made several great connections through your network. In fact, I was able to over fund my project. I also listed with another network that cost 3X as much and the leads were nowhere near as solid as the investors I met through this network. I will definitely only be using this network in the future. "
Jason A.

Real Estate Wholesaling Platform
I have come up with a platform that I believe could change the Real Estate market. I have been working for 2 years as a wholesaler and discovered the need for motivated seller leads. I believe I have found a solution to many investors troubles.
  Required Amount $250,000
  Minimum Investment $50,000
  Region Pennsylvania
  Industry 1 Real Estate
  Industry 2 Marketing & Advertising
  Stage Pre-Startup/R&D
  Investor Role Any
  Amount Invested $20,000
  Investment Reason Sales & Marketing

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