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"For those of you that are asking yourself whether this site is real, the answer is yes. My first thought was that I would put my proposal on the site and it would be sent for review, and at this point someone from within the Dealflow Investment Network office would contact me as an investor so I would be more likely to pay the $249 fee. I received 8 responses from investors overnight and 2 more since then. Thanks Dealflow Investment Network."
David Kriedeman - Chris Christopherson Inc

Looking for support of my dream
I am currently the manger of a Doggy Daycare and boarding facility. The current owners are retiring and I am purchasing their client list and opening my own name. I am looking for this loan for before May 25th when I am due to sign their contract.
  Required Amount $45,000
  Minimum Investment $10,000
  Region Pennsylvania
  Industry 1 Retail
  Stage Pre-Startup/R&D
  Investor Role Silent
  Amount Invested $0
  Investment Reason Other

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